What is people management?

Hello everyone,

My name is Omonike, and I am your soft skills trainer.  I am here to provide bite-size learnings on the soft side of business. My mission is to support SMEs by helping them learn how to better handle the soft side of business management.

Our first focus is on people management and I will start by providing a definition of people management. Some experts have defined people management as the process of training, motivating and directing employees to optimize workplace productivity and promote professional growth. 

The keywords are training, motivating, and directing, with productivity and growth as the end results. You cannot do one without the others, and without managing people properly, we cannot achieve productivity and growth.  

People management is about providing the right environment that will motivate your employees and give them an emotional connection to the business. With this emotional connection, they will be invested in the business, and are able to run the business like it is their own.

That is our definition of people management. Next time, we will discuss who should manage people.  Let us discuss in the comments section, what is your idea of people management and what has been your experience with managing people?